"This new web application will allow Bike to Work & School Week participants to map their kilometers logged each day and generate a ‘heat map’ of the most used cycling routes in the city. The map will accomplish two imprtant goals:

1. Provide daily tacking of total team kilometers so that teams can compete for bragging rights

2. Demonstrate critical areas of Prince George cycling infrastructure to inform and advocate local, provincial and federal governments on much-need upgrades.

The new system has been designed to hide individual user details to protect privacy, while still generating a clear visual image of the ‘hot spots’ for cycling in the city. We encourage you to create an account and test this new pilot technology. Feel free to login and play around with the system today! All data will be cleared at the beginning of Bike to Work & School Week 2013 to create a clean slate for this year’s event.”

don’t drink and drive though

This is pretty sweet.

This is pretty sweet.

This dude freaking out about the prospect of coming to Prince George is my favourite thing on the internet this morning.

Northern Hardware owner dies

It’s tough to overstate this store has had on the city. Sad news for the family, employees, and community.

This is not going to be a regular thing. But anyways:

1. The Prince George Citizen has published a case study in the merits of going forward with a story when facts have not been fully verified. In the article “Former Citizen staffer linked to shooting" Peter James writes: 

The Canadian man who killed two people in a courtroom in the Philippines on Tuesday before being gunned down by police likely worked at the Prince George Citizen three decades ago.” (emphasis mine)

the article goes on to explain that though have not received any official confirmation, they have reasons to believe it is the same person. This is followed by first-hand accounts of what the John Pope who worked at the Citizen was like (whether or not he is indeed the same John Pope involved in the shooting). That raised questions at my own office, but obviously the staff there feel confident enough it’s the same person that they opted to publish the story (as can be seen in those links).

If they turn out to be correct, then they have successfully scooped a story. But if they are incorrect and the John Pope who worked out the Citizen is not responsible for two deaths in the Phillipines it’s a whole other kettle of fish.

I’d also like to point out something that is all-too-rare: editor Neil Godbout is in the comments section, responding to people’s questions and criticism. Good on him.

update, a day later: “a former colleague who used to receive letters in the mail from Pope identified his signature from a Manitoba driver’s licence released by Filipino police.”

2. Opinion250 is writing about mayor Shari Green’s Task Force on Crime. The lede:

The Mayor of Prince George has launched her Task Force on Crime, and it would seem she has more than “borrowed”  a page from the Surrey Crime Reduction Strategy which was implemented in 2006. 

It goes on to demonstrate how similar Mayor Green’s plan is to Surrey’s plan. Which… makes sense? Given that Green straight-up said she was going to be basing it on Surrey’s plans? The first job the task force has is to study Surrey’s model. I guess I’m just confused as to why this article is written as if it’s uncovered something hidden, when it’s been front-and-center from day one.

3. But elsewhere, Opinion250 is putting its investigative plans out in public. After Brian Skakun was denied his request to find out the reasons for nearly a million dollars worth of contracts (by the way, that council meeting was really something - item G2) the online news agency has announced plans to file an FOI request to get that information.

The irony in the above is that more than one member of council was upset that Skakun’s request was an opportunity for media and the public to speculate and imply that this information was being hidden and something sinister was going on. They also said it was a waste of staff time (and city money) to go collecting the information for Skakun. Now they have to waste that time and money anyways to respond to 250’s request, AND people still get to speculate that there is something sinister going on while the request is being processed. May have been simpler to just adopt Skakun’s motion.

Slow Down My Dear

The Salt Water Brothers


“Slow Down My Dear” by the Salt Water Brothers

Caught these guys last night at a locals showcase. Apparently they’ve been around for a bit, but I haven’t heard of or heard them until now. It’s too bad, too, because they’re great— the lead singer has a real Johnny Cash/Sun Records vibe, when they launched into a cover of “That’s Alright Mama” it was like rockabilly was back again. Fortunately, it sounds like they plan on keeping this up for a while. Check them out CBC Music or Facebook.

racking up my mayorships

racking up my mayorships

Awesome first night of locals at Coldsnap. Awesome first night of locals at Coldsnap. Awesome first night of locals at Coldsnap. Awesome first night of locals at Coldsnap.

Awesome first night of locals at Coldsnap.

“If you haven’t figured it out by this point, Shiraz is one of the biggest surprises I’ve seen in town, and one of the best dining experiences I’ve had period. To measure up with the likes of Michelin-star restaurants is not something we should expect or ask for. If you still claim we cannot expect high class cuisine in Prince George, I want to rub your face firmly into Shiraz’s menu like an antagonist in an episode of Ren & Stimpy. There was an option on the debit for a 20% tip; I left it. I had it to spare. If you could believe this, that amazing lamb was two dollars more than a starter at Shooters. I know, right? It’s been a long time since I’ve found a place earning of such praise.”

One of my friends opened a restaurant. I haven’t been yet because a) I’m a jerk and b) I’m saving it for a special occasion which is coming up later this month. This review from Chris Dias, who does not go easy on his subjects makes me all the more excited.

Prince Gastronome: Shiraz Cafe & Restaurant