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This episode of Pitch tracks the strange history of the “Clearmountain Pause” from an off-the-cuff comment to a friend to a Pulitzer Prize winning novel.

Great first episode of a new podcast about the elements of music.

I haven’t liked much by the Kaiser Chiefs since “Yours Truly, Angry Mob” but this is stuck in my head.

"You can live and work in ol’ Fort Mac, but there ain’t nowhere to stay."

I chose rap music as my favourite genre of 2013. Here’s ten reasons that don’t even include Drake, Kanye, or k-Os.

Doesn’t matter what format, the best Christmas album. 

The fact that I’m just finding out about Danny Brown indicates to me I’m getting older, grasping at the occassional new artist but retreating into the world of tried and true.

"Stoke It Up" by Willhorse

Saw these guys play this weekend. Sound like Kings of Leon back when Kings of Leon sounded like the Strokes.

Interesting argument. The popularity of Lorde and Haim signify the death of music genres.

I like making mixtapes, I like Breaking Bad, and I really like the music in Breaking Bad. So I am making one mixtape for each season of the show. Here’s part one.

Almost Mainstream’s Breaking Bad Mixtape, Part One: Basic Chemistry by Andrew Kurjata on Mixcloud