Our plum tree is blooming! Going to gave to beat the birds on this one. (Photo by akurjata)

Yin & Yang ferrets. (Photo by akurjata)

Front page of every paper. (Photo by akurjata)

Rain won’t stop this little trooper. (Photo by akurjata)

Keep your eyes open. (Photo by akurjata)

Kind of a weird thing to find in our house considering we’ve never had anyone under 5 over. (Photo by akurjata)

Great way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon…. (Photo by akurjata)

I like grafitti with a message. (Photo by akurjata)

Tires changed, new chain, ready to go on the same bike I’ve been rocking since the last millenium. (Photo by akurjata)

Just found the scrummiest looking $5 bill. Would you pick it up? (Photo by akurjata)

Finally, a bit of rain. (Photo by akurjata)

Just got caught in a hailstorm by AndrewCellsOut

here’s the hailstorm from earlier today.

testing out lightbox againĀ