It is illegal in the United States for federal prisoners to go on the internet. Most prisoners who have been serving long sentences in prison have never been online. Some inmates have managed to go online through illegally smuggled cell phones. But most of them haven’t tried out smartphones, apps, or instant messaging. Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp are vague concepts.


But as far as value-adds go the “via” generally offers little more than a cookie crumb trail of others who have also read the material in question—the digital equivalent of finding the previous borrower’s name scribbled on the card in the back of a library book. Which is neat, I guess? But come on now, none of us here is Averroes rediscovering Aristotle or Poggio Bracciolini serendipitously plucking Lucretius off a dusty shelf—this is people posting pictures of yawning kittens on Tumblr blogs we’re talking about here.

"If I could fashion my ideal music solution, it would would be Rdio with optional cloud storage where I could dump my mixes, mashups, etc. and then access via the Rdio front-end. (extra credit: if I could easily save URLs to this service and stream from that interface, I’d be totally covered but I recognize that’s not for everyone)"

100% agree. I just wrote about how I will often buy albums on Bandcamp and then not download them, because I’m tired of finding physical space to store them. If I could store my purchases in Rdio (plus add the unofficial remixes and mixtapes available on Soundcloud), that’d be perfect. This will happen. Just a matter of who will get there first.