Worried Man

Black Spruce Bog


Last night I finally got to see Black Spruce Bog and they were fantastic. One of the singers/mandolin player told a story of how her dad once opened for Pete Seeger and then traded songs in a parking lot for two hours. This led to a tribute to someone who influenced all of the musicians in the band.

I’m told a recording of this performance may be released, but for now here’s my cellphone bootleg.

I hope these guys start a Kickstarter or Indiegogo for an album, because I really want one.

Everlasting Light (Black Keys Cover)

Alex Winston — Sister Wife EP


“Everlasting Light” by Alex Winston (Black Keys cover)

It’s cover Friday right? It’s cover Friday.

"Party in the USA" (Miley Cyrus cover) by Tokyo Police Club (soundcloud)

I’m late to the show on these Tokyo Police Club covers, but I do like them. Great selection of songs to actually showcase the decade we just went through— for the most part, the songs are very much of the time, yet not exactly dated. Of all them, I think this one lends itself to TPC particular style best. Not sure what to make of the Canadian provinces being thrown in the end though— humorous shout out to their home country, or subtle plug for North American union?

Let Me Roll It (live Wings cover)

The Concerns of Royalty


"Let Me Roll It" (Wings cover) by the Concerns of Royalty (live)

As promised. I’m continuously impressed by the mic in my $100 phone.

Oh Yoko (John Lennon cover, live)

The Arbitrarys


"Oh Yoko" (John Lennon cover) by the Arbitrarys (live)

I meant to post this yesterday but I had trouble editing the audio from my phone onto the computer. So in honour of cover Friday I bring you this and with any luck we will have a Wings cover from the same show by the Concerns of Royalty.

The World At Large (Modest Mouse cover)

Broken Social Scene


"The World At Large" by Broken Social Scene (Modest Mouse cover)

I don’t often participate in cover Friday, but this appeared at the top of my Hype Machine feed queue this morning and there’s no way I wasn’t sharing it. A defining band of the past ten years covering another defining band of the past ten years. Better yet, it stays true the original yet sounds completely like a BSS song.