Some of you may listen to the radio station that employs me. You may have heard that there are some questions about its future.

Two things.

1. In an effort to shape a plan for the next five+ years, there is a survey asking questions like how important CBC is to you and what you think it should do to best serve this country. You can take it here:

2. Tomorrow night, As It Happens will have a segment with CBC’s president, and will be taking questions from the audience/Canadians. Details here:

Let’s be real: people are losing their jobs. Less people means less stuff gets done. There are less investigations, less questions, less time to form an understanding of the issues that shape our country/world.

It’s not unique to CBC, that’s for sure. Talk to people in the privates and they have trouble, too.

That doesn’t give me comfort, though. I think journalism plays an important role in our world. I like the idea that the people charged with understanding and translating these issues to us every day are able to make a decent living off of doing so. And that they have the resources to do it. And I happen to think public broadcasting can play an important role in that, especially in a time when the business model for private news services is in a state of flux.

Maybe you agree with me, maybe you don’t, maybe you sort of do. Regardless: the future is being shaped, might as well play a role.

This noise was recorded in Terrace, B.C. yesterday morning and reported as being heard throughout the city. People have plenty of theories (trains, electromagnetic fields, construction work, UFOs, the earth shifting) but no official explanation. I get the impression the video doesn’t fully capture what the sound was like- listen to the interview with a person who heard it by clicking the link below.

Strange sound spooks Terrace residents

Update: the Geological Survey of Canada says it is NOT related to seismic activity.

Update 2: The city of Terrace says it was work on a grader. The internet isn’t buying it.