Homie ft. Cadence Weapon

Shad K + Skratch Bastid — The Spring


“Homie” ft. Cadence Weapon - Shad K + Skratch Bastid


“Homie” is a bangin tribute to travel and tripping back home by fellow Canadian road warriors Shad, Skratch Bastid, and Cadence Weapon. This song, along with the completed version of the demo release, “Peace”, will be part of a Shad + Skratch Bastid collaborative EP entitled The Spring Up to be released online before month’s end; a breezy, soulful collection completed shortly after the pair wrapped up work on Shad’s upcoming full-length, Flying Colours. In addition to the Cadence Weapon guest spot, the EP will feature a production assist from Bastid’s most recent touring partner, DJ Jazzy Jeff.”

Well, this is good news.




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New School, Old School (Feat. Kayo)

Classified — Classified


“New School, Old School (Feat. Kayo)” by Classified

Every Classified album is like discovering a new hip-hop release from the classic era, with modern touch-ups. He’s also one of the few rappers who doesn’t seem to use collaborators as a prop just to get more names of the back cover. In this case he combines both these strengths for see-saw track with him and Kayo finishing off each other’s rhymes like it was the 80s even if Kayo prefers the Slim Shady era.

Oh and if you haven’t heard this yet, it’s the underground sleeper hit of the year for Canadians in the know.






“Headphones” by Mounties

A “supergroup” of Hawksley Workman’s, Hot Hot Heat’s Steve Bays and Ryan Dahle of Limblifter, this is not only catchy as heck, but the video pays tribute to Téléfrancais!, one of the weirdest bits of Canadiana you will ever come across. Here’s the video:


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Amour Than Amis

Two Hours Traffic — Siren Spell EP


“Amour Than Amis” by Two Hours Traffic (from Siren Spell EP)

That riff has hints of “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” to it, and that just makes it work even better. Pop rock as it should be.

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2 Bit Blues

Kid Koala — 12 Bit Blues


“2 Bit Blues” by Kid Koala (CBC Music)

Love this album from Kid Koala. With all the mashups and computers, it’s nice to listen to some real turntablism once in a while.

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Northern Touch



“Northern Touch” by Rascalz feat. Kardinal Offishal, Choclair, Checkmate, Thrust

I should have posted this for Canada Day, but whatever. Ain’t nobody can’t bang with us.

(jammed July 4th 2012)


April Wine


“Oohwatanite” by April Wine

Any day that starts with April Wine will be a good day.

(jammed Jun 6th 2012)


Patrick Watson — Adventures in Your Own Backyard


“Lighthouse” by Patrick Watson (cbcmusic)

It took me a long time to get into Patrick Watson’s “break-through” album, the Polaris-prize winning “Close to Paradise.” Not so his new one, “Adventures in Your Own Backyard” (streaming at CBC Music now), which had me hooked from song one— this song.

Rattle Your Cage

Boxer the Horse — French Residency


“Rattle Your Cage” by Boxer the Horse (boxerthehorse.com)

I’ve never really listened to Boxer the Horse, but their new album is just great. Like an east-coast version of Apollo Ghost (I suppose it’s fully possible Apollo Ghost is a west-coast version of Boxer the Horse, but I digress). One of the best of 2012, for sure.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

I'm An Adult Now — The Best of the Pursuit of Happiness


“I’m and Adult Now” by the Pursuit of Happiness (cbcmusic)

To go along with this blog post about trying to be an adult.

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Backyard Shade

Beach Velvet — Beach Velvet


“Backyard Shade” by Beach Velvet (bandcamp)

I was going through the Hype Machine and discovered a set of songs that had been posted from an album I didn’t expect to get to the Hype Machine. Beach Velvet is a side project of Maple You Know, great lo-fi stuff from Prince George. I think this marks the first time a Prince George band has made it onto the Hype Machine, which in hipster internet terms is like making it onto Billboard. So pretty cool.

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"The House That Heaven Built" by Japandroids

How’d I miss this?

Time To Kill

Gold & Youth



“Time to Kill” by Gold & Youth (tumblr)

“Time to Kill just debuted at #25 on the CBC Radio 3 countdown. With your continued love and support it’s not impossible to imagine a day where we are at #24.” (facebook)

I liked these guys when they were the Raccoons and I used blogger to post music. I continue to like them in this incarnation. I said they’d be big, and it looks to be coming true.