I rarely, if ever, put a post on here that isn’t music. But I’ve been getting lots of new followers lately (thanks guys!) and I thought I’d point out a few other ways you can subscribe to the music that isn’t through your Tumblr dashboard.

In the bottom right-hand corner, there an tab. Clicking on that plays all the songs posted. You can shuffle, love, and share songs through there. You can also follow Almost Mainstream on at also let’s you play all the songs, and shuffle them up. If you have your own Tumblr, you can do the same thing— for info.

And this past weekend, Almost Mainstream was added to the directory of Shuffler is a service where you can subscribe to various music blogs and listen to them in what they call a “music magazine”-type service. There’s lots of good stuff on there. You can subscribe to this blog by clicking here.

There’s also RSS, Facebook, and Twitter. Every time I put up a new post, it goes up on those services. You don’t really get any added value, it’s just so you can follow along on whatever service you prefer.

Thanks for listening!

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