“But radio has grown up and it has leveraged what it leverages best. Our imagination.”
“Amazon is efficient and Etsy is personal.”

Fred Wilson

There’s a lot to this, I think.

“It was much easier to do when everyone knew the references. At that point, you had a complete unity generationally—in music, movies, politics, and sports. It’s much more fragmented now, so half the people watching Drake’s show, maybe 60 to 70 percent, didn’t know him. Even news is fragmented now. There used to be much more cohesion—everyone saw the helicopter take the people out of Saigon. I don’t know whether people know what’s going on in Fallujah right now. So it’s just harder to do comedy about that. Now we do comedy that’s more about the way we live our lives.”

#cityofPG Peka Kucha organizer and presenter number one Jillian Merrick on a car-free existence. #pic

Full house for inaugural #cityofPG Peka Kucha at the Copper Pig. #pic (at Copperpigbbq)

at The Whistlestop Gallery

Sunny day today (@ Hinton Nordic Centre): http://4sq.com/1beZGpR

I keep trying to tell my dog that just because a mysterious barn cat has decided it lives in our room is no reason to sleep on the floor, but he won’t listen. (at Entrance Ranch)

Northern lights… or the inside of my pocket? I’ll never tell. #pic

at William A. Switzer Provincial Park

Valentine Moose