Beautiful day #takeonPG #cityofPG #pic (at Dog On It Cross-Country Ski Trail)

"Ease of communication and a generous democratic impulse mean that information originally designed for decision makers, now gets routinely sent via the media to very large numbers of people. It is as if a dossier, with the latest news from Kiev, which might properly arrive on the desk of a minister has accidentally been delivered to the wrong address and ends up on the breakfast table of a librarian in Colchester or an electrician in Pitlochry. But the librarian or electrician might quite reasonably turn round and politely point out that they can’t do anything with this knowledge and that, surely, the files have come to them by mistake. They don’t, but only because habit has closed our eyes to the underlying strangeness of the phenomenon."

Fully agree. The same people who will stay educated and informed about the latest developments overseas or in the poliics of another country have no idea who their city councillors are. This is why I think more people should follow local news. Unlike most of what we get, it has a direct impact on your life, and you can make decisions and changes based on it.

Ugh, just dreamt an entire conversation with an acquaintance. All the effort of awkward small talk, none of the payoff of actually knowing them better.


Now with two ways to lose. #rrrolluptherim #pic (at Tim Hortons)

It’s doggy time (at Ginters Park)

Beans is our most majestic cat

When an SUV swerved to hit me, I realized riding a bike in a car-dominated culture is an inherantly political act.

What riding a bike taught me about prejudice, poverty, and designed exclusion |

I wrote this.

This episode of Pitch tracks the strange history of the “Clearmountain Pause” from an off-the-cuff comment to a friend to a Pulitzer Prize winning novel.

Great first episode of a new podcast about the elements of music.

“The only way to learn new things is to be bad at them at first, but to keep trying anyway.”

Turns out that the way a performer looks affects how you perceive their music more than you think- even classical.

“I worry when I put music into a radio piece…sometimes music is like emotional fascism, telling you how to feel.”

I haven’t liked much by the Kaiser Chiefs since “Yours Truly, Angry Mob” but this is stuck in my head.

As someone who has also tried and failed to record the noises of my pets, I can relate.