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Last of the sun (@ Dog On It Cross-Country Ski Trail) [pic]: http://4sq.com/1eTER3i

The front page of the Prince George Citizen yesterday:

"The Prince George Cougars have been sold to local businessman Greg Pocock and a group of investors that includes NHL players and former Cougars Eric Brewer and Dan Hamhuis, say several sources close to the team."

I have no idea who those sources are. And neither, apparently, does anyone else outside of the Citizen as other media outlets attempted to corroborate the reports.


"So we put the question to Cougars VP Brandi Brodsky this morning, and got this response “We aren’t sold. That’s all there is to say.””

The Drive

"Just like you I heard the rumour the Cougars have been sold for 7 million dollars. So I asked Brandi at the Prince George Cougars and I got an email from Brandi Brodsky this morning saying the ” Cougars haven’t been sold”!”

For the record, we emailed the Cougars VP as well and she reiterated that the team had not been sold and “there isn’t anything else to say.”

The closest anyone else got was Yahoo! sports writer Kelly Friesen who told CBC’s Radio West that

"It’s in the works… it could fall apart, it’s not done yet, but I think moving forward this deal will be done and I know for a fact that [owner] Rick Brodsky wants to sell the team."

Today Citizen editor Neil Godbout is sticking to his guns. He concedes, “if another media outlet had broken this story, we would have dutifully called the Cougars on Monday morning and we’d be running our own story stating that the owner insists the team hasn’t been sold.”

Godbout concludes by declaring the deal is in place and the new ownership group will be officially unveiled on March 15. He appears confident in the Citizen’s sources.

Over at 250 News, Ben Meisner is not

"The rumour that the Cougars have been sold is a bit like saying I have a date with Sandra Bullock, of course it all hinges on  whether  she agrees to my  facebook request that she  go out to dinner with me. That rumour sounds good but until you sit down at the dinner table you don’t have a date, and a date the Cougars do not have."

March 15 is the date Godbout has given us. Time will tell.

at Cottonwood Island Park

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Charles Sagar and N-----town, Prince George

Andrew Kurjata — CBC Daybreak North 2014


I heard rumours that in the 1920s, there was an African-American actor who had run a business in downtown Prince George. With a bit of delving I discovered Charles Sagar, an pioneer of the African-American theatre movement who later came to Prince George to cut hair on a floating barge. He also fought back against a city council who ordered police to clean up “N******town”. 

More details on this story at cbc.ca/daybreaknorth.

Always nice to be back. (at UNBC University of Northern British Columbia)

Headed to 2000

Ferret selfie #pic (at Fort George Park)

at Fort George Park

For the first time in my life, I am attempting the triple-decker sandwich. #pic