Good souvenir

Long line for Ladles’ last day. Although that’s not unusual. #cityofPG (at Ladles Soup & Sandwich)

So long… (at Ladles Soup & Sandwich)

Spring melt (at Cottonwood Island Park)

Spring display from @page_boy_books #cityofPG

The Life Aquatic at the Exploration Place #cityofPG (at Exploration Place, Fort George Park)

Observation: 3D printers sound like thrash metal being played at high volume through someone else’s earbuds.

3D printer and some of its possibilities (at Two Rivers Gallery)

Finally trying @barkervillebeer (at Nancy O’s restaurant)

"It is time for those who view it as socially appropriate to make comments or jokes about a woman’s plans for child-bearing to understand that it’s not okay. It is also not okay to ask when she’s going to have kids or her reasons why she’s choosing not to."

Word. I’d say this applies to men, too, and it does, but let’s be honest: men are not asked or judged about this nearly as often.

Locally made food from @hshgrocery in a locally made stew

My Quora answer to “Who are the most famous Canadians?” from 2011

MIT’s answer to “Who is the most famous Canadian?” in 2014

My reasoning holds: widely known in multiple markets. I was wrong about Steve Nash, though. But he never wrote “Sk8r Boi”.

Waldo watches the world #ferret

at Armoury Toys & Hobbies